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We help create Safer Organisations with Safeguarding Cultures that safeguard everyone, children/adults-at-risk, staff and the organisation.

As well as developing safeguarding 

resources and toolkits, we have a range of resources available for purchase or

FREE download.

Tailored cost-effective safeguarding and child protection eLearning. 

10-20% discounts available for multiple learner registrations.

We provide multi-agency 

training events and webinars and Customer in-house Training.

- Haere Mai -

Welcome to Holistic Safeguarding

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At Holistic Safeguarding, we specialise in helping organisations across Aotearoa with their safeguarding and child or adults at risk, roles and responsibilities. Safeguarding and child protection can be a tricky maze to figure out, and in doing so, many organisations miss focusing on themselves first. This may sound the opposite of being child-focused but the truth is, this is exactly what is needed for organisations to truly be child-focused and centred in their practice. Hence, we seek to safeguard you, so you can safeguard others. 

If organisations have not got their own house in order first, they will most likely miss concerns, as well as potentially not respond to those they do identify, in the best or safest way possible. This can unwittingly expose organisations, staff and the person they are concerned about, to further vulnerability. It is the age-old, you need to fit your own lifejacket first before you can help others with theirs. That's what we do, we fit your life jacket! 

At Holistic Safeguarding, we have a wealth of expertise in safeguarding children and adults at risk. Given most organisations engage children and their families or work with vulnerable adults, we know our customers really value being able to receive support for all their safeguarding needs, from one provider. 


We also come from a very small pool of professionals that hold a genuine experience of working with offenders. This enables us to hold more than just a theoretical understanding of the risks organisations can face and we know how to balance these risks with safeguarding solutions. A balance greatly appreciated by our customers. The other unique string to our bow is our expertise in supporting multi-agency organisations with basic safeguarding developments, right up to attaining safeguarding accreditation or best practice models. So, whether your needs are small, large or perhaps unknown, we can help you. We offer free no-obligation consultations and would be more than happy to explore your needs with you. Our range of provisions can assist with needs surrounding individual safeguards (e.g. Child Protection Policy support, Safeguarding and Child Protection Training, etc.), as well as help organisations, create a safeguarding culture.

Everything We Offer Is...

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To your needs. We consider this in content and in delivery structure.

To your needs, scope and resources. ​Organisations may share the same legal or ethical safeguarding responsibilities but their solutions should always be proportionate to the organisation.

We encourage self-sustainable safeguarding solutions that reduce ongoing safeguarding costs, dependency on specialist support and critically strengthens internal safeguarding ownership.

He aha te mea nui o te ao.

He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata

What is the most important thing in the world?

It is people, it is people, it is people.

Māori Whakatauki (proverb)