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All our safeguarding and child protection eLearning is tailored to a specific sector (e.g. Schools) or a safeguarding focus (e.g. children with disabilities/additional needs). From under $30 incl. GST.


Cost-effective tailored solutions that strengthen safeguards and create a safeguarding culture. Have a FREE Consult to see how we can support you.



Access a range of FREE resources, as well as toolkits for purchase. We also develop safeguarding resources for customers, e.g. tailored resources and/or integrating safeguarding into existing material.



Tailored training and learning provisions. As well as popular courses, such as our Trainer for Trainer,  our learning services include developing - induction packages and LMS ready eLearning for internal hosting.

At Holistic Safeguarding, we know all organisations want to make certain they are keeping children/young people, their workforce and their organisation safe from abuse.  However, it’s knowing how to do this, which is challenging. A safeguarding culture is the biggest safeguard for tamariki and rangatahi, staff and the organisation. Having and trusting a say something culture.

Aotearoa remains in the top 5 developed countries for child maltreatment. There is no part of New Zealand’s children and adult workforce sectors immune from risks relating to:

  • Failing to identify and/or respond to those children/young people who may be suffering from adverse or abusive experiences.

  • Having organisational and workforce failings that could enable adverse and/or abusive experiences to occur from within the organisation.

  • Engaging or employing someone who may be unsafe to be around children/young people.

Achieving a safeguarding culture and safeguarding solutions is not as complex as it may seem. We can make sure you get solutions tailored to your needs. With solutions reflecting a holistic approach and implementation reflecting a step-by-step proportionate approach. Organisations may share the same legal and/or ethical safeguarding requirements. However, adoption and implementation must be proportionate to that organisation’s needs, scope, resources and abilities.  We guide you through this, helping you strengthen key safeguards and develop a safeguarding culture.  All in a manner that is cost-effective and advocates self-sustainability where possible. Enabling your steps to become part of everything thinking and practice, and your safeguarding culture becoming business as usual. 


It’s your journey, we just show you the best path and walk beside you. 

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