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As well as supporting customers with tailored online child protection learning resources, such as tailored eLearning and blended learning courses or material for internal learning resources, we also help customers with many other types of resources. Examples include:

  • Child safety policy and procedure resources for the communities they support.

  • Bespoke child safety handbooks.

  • Tailoring our resources to customers, e.g. our Sport and Recreation Safeguarding Toolkit to support a specific sport and sporting community.

Tailored Child Protection Resources

Available for Purchase

Available for purchase, our Sport and Recreation Safeguarding Toolkit has been well received in Aotearoa and overseas! It is also a resource that some customers have taken forward as a tailored resource specific to their sport.


The Toolkit offers a step-by-step approach to creating the foundations of a safeguarding culture and the practical guidance and resources needed to strengthen individual safeguards and help take these forward. 

For less than a staff member attending a 1-day course, you can support your whole organisation in making child safeguarding part of everyday thinking, practice and culture. Take a proportionate approach applicable to your organisation’s needs, scope, resources, abilities and timeline.

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