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Child Safeguarding and Protection Consultancy Services

FREE No-obligation Consultations Available.


At Holistic Safeguarding, we specialise in tailored organisational safeguarding and helping organisations embed child safety best practices and create a safeguarding culture. A strong and sustained culture that safeguards everyone: children/young people, staff/volunteers and the organisation. 


Our tailored child safeguarding and protection consultancy can help organisations:

  • Demonstrate legislative compliance (e.g., with the Children’s Act 2014).

  • Implement child safe organisation best practices.

  • Through achieving external child safeguarding accreditation.

Our FREE, no-obligation consultation service is a great way for us to assist you in identifying your child safeguarding and protection needs and helping you explore tailored solutions available to you.

I'd Like a FREE Consultation!

We look forward to talking with you.

Worried About A Child?

Please note that we are unable to assist with any specific child abuse concerns.  If you are worried a child/young person may be experiencing or is at risk of experiencing harm or abuse, please call:

  • The Police on 111 (emergencies) or 105 (non-emergencies).

“I stumbled across Kim's work late last year and was impressed with her refreshing approach to safeguarding children.  Her strategies are innovative, respectful, and effective, and involve working collaboratively with agencies to develop tailor-made, ongoing solutions - rather than just the standard, one-size-fits-all, approach taken by many safeguarding consultants.”

Alasdair Roy OAM, Consultant Psychologist and Former Children and Young People Commissioner (Human Rights Commission), ACT, Australia

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