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Why Holistic Safeguarding?

Being only 2 years old, we appreciate our name may be new to you. However, given the lead of Holistic Safeguarding previously supported both of New Zealand's child protection charities and led YMCA North to become New Zealand's first safeguarding accredited organisation, we've no doubt you'll be familiar with our work. So, the question is really...Why not us? 


Many of the foundations that led to Holistic Safeguarding being established are now the very points that make us different to others. Our organisation Mission, Vision and Values help to strengthen these further.

Everything We Offer Is... 

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Holistic isn't just our name. It is the reason for our name! We safeguard everyone - children, staff and your organisation.

We can also support organisations with safeguarding children or adults-at-risk/ vulnerable adults.​​

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Safeguarding requirements may be shared, but each organisation is different.


We don't have a shelf. Everything we offer is tailored to you and your specific needs.

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Risk Mitigation

Having worked with offenders and survivors, we have excellent risk identification and mitigation skills. ​We can help you safeguard against the risks you haven't yet recognised.


To be truly effective, safeguarding solutions must be proportionate to your organisation's needs, scope and resources.

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Best Practice

We can help you meet your practice requirements qualitatively, right through to helping you develop all that is needed to pursue safeguarding accreditation.


Where possible, we enable self-sustainable safeguarding solutions. As well as reducing your ongoing safeguarding costs and dependency on specialist support, these solutions strengthen internal safeguarding ownership. 

Who we support
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Some of Our Customer Whānau

Albany Preschool; All About Children; Asthma New Zealand; Caterpillars and Butterflies; CLM Community Sport; Community Waikato; Dingwall Trust; Golf New Zealand; Harbour Sport; Inter City Women's Group; Lulu & Max; New Zealand Kendo Federation; New Zealand Rugby League; North Harbour Gymnastics; SCOUTS New Zealand; Te Whare Marama O Mangere; Te Whare Tane Trust; The Halberg Foundation; The Learning Nest; The Umma Trust; Toi Toi Recruitment; Wise Management Services; All of New Zealand Y's/YMCA's.

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