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Tailored Safeguarding and Child Protection eLearning covering various child safety topics and supporting specific sectors and staff and children likely to experience heightened vulnerability.​
eLearning coures

~ NEW ~

Refresher Child Safeguarding and Protection eLearning

Part of demonstrating child safety best practices is ensuring that staff's child safeguarding and protection knowledge and skills remain current. As well as refreshing its child protection policy, organisations should also ensure its staff refresh their child protection training.


This new eLearning course is specifically tailored to supporting staff who have previously undertaken child safety training and need to refresh their child safeguarding and protection training.

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Tailored Child Protection eLearning or Blended Learning

We assist many customers with tailored online learning resources that meet specific organisation learning needs and integrate with the organisation's child safety policies and procedures. If you are interested in exploring having a child protection eLearning or blended learning course developed for you, please contact us for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

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