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In-House Child Safety Support

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Try our FREE No-obligation

Consultation Service.

Outdoor Training NZ was very grateful to receive free advice from Holistic Safeguarding. Kim spent quite some time reviewing our policy and then giving comprehensive written and verbal feedback at no cost and no obligations. Other support and information were offered to help take this feedback forward, free options and those with a cost but no obligation or pressure.

Heather Grady, Board Chair 

Outdoor Training NZ

In-house Training
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Child Safety Consultancy

We support organisations across the spectrum of child safety. From meeting Children Act 2014 requirements to helping organisations gain external child safety accreditation.

Our popular Child Safety Reviews help organisations 

identify their child safety best practice needs. However,  

we also assist organisations with mixed support needs (e.g. recruitment and policy support) or with particular safeguarding solutions. We work to your needs and resources and can help you take a phased approach if needed.

Our free no-obligation consultation service is an excellent way to explore your needs and help you identify a cost-effective onward path. We make sure you know all the ways of reaching your goal so you can make an informed decision on your ongoing direction and continuous improvement.



Our exclusive training support is hugely popular and extremely well-evaluated with most customers coming to us via recommendations. So, if you are interested in exploring some internal child safety training, we strongly advise getting in touch as soon as possible. 

We can deliver all our safeguarding and child protection courses as in-house training, including tailoring these to to you or we can develop a bespoke course for you. Delivery can be onsite or as an exclusive online class via our virtual classroom.

The quality of learning and expertise captured in our training is highly valued by our customers and to date, EVERY in-house training customer continues to use us for their additional and ongoing learning. 

CS Consultancy

Popular Training Courses

As well as our virtual classroom classes, below are some other courses that may be of interest. If you can't see what you are looking for, don't worry, we can develop that for you.

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  • Tailored Safeguarding and Child Protection Training (foundation to advanced levels)

  • Child Protection for Safeguarding Staff 

  • Safeguarding Young Staff

  • Safeguarding Rangatahi (16 - 24 years)

  • Safeguarding Children with Disabilities

  • Safeguarding Core Skills

  • Listening/Multi-agency Working/Group Work​

  • Safeguarding Needs Analysis

  • Safeguarding Organisations from Unsafe People

  • Applying a Safeguarding Code of Conduct

  • Information Sharing

  • Engaging Stakeholders In Safeguarding

  • Child Safe - Safer Recruitment

  • Trainer for Trainer

  • Safeguarding As A Shared Responsibility

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Tailored LMS eLearning

We know purchasing multi-learner eLearning spaces can be pricey. Hence we offer 10-20% discounts for multi-learner registrations. However, a super cost-effective way of accessing qualitative child protection eLearning can be purchasing the product as opposed to the learner spaces!

We have supported many organisations with LMS-ready child protection eLearning. Most customers opt for tailored versions of our existing eLearning courses but we can also develop eLearning for you. Then you simply upload the course onto your Learning Management System.

As well as being a cost-effective option (particularly in the long term), the other significant benefit is you have completely tailored and branded material that integrates your policies and procedures.

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Resources & Toolkits

Holistic Safeguarding has become well known for its FREE Resources, but another hugely popular arm of our resource service is providing organisations with tailored in-house resources.

Whether it is a resource supporting a particular safeguarding solution or a combination of needs or resources to underpin Child Safe Organisation development work, we can help.

We can tailor our existing resources to meet your needs and/or audiences or we can integrate child safety into your existing resources (e.g. instructional guides, service information, handbooks, guides, etc.). Alternatively, we can develop resources for you.

LMS eLearning
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