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Child Protection eLearning

If you are looking for qualitative child safeguarding and protection eLearning OR would like a child protection eLearning course developed for your organisation, we can help.

Child Safeguarding and Protection eLearning 

Through our value of accessibility, we make sure all organisations supporting children and families can access cost-effective child protection training without worrying about compromising quality.

Our child safety eLearning ensures your staff and volunteers have the knowledge and skills to apply child safeguarding and protection best practices. This includes applying the Children's Act 2014, Child Protection Policy requirements of identifying and reporting child abuse concerns. Without effective training, your policy requirements remain theoretical.

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~ NEW ~

Refresher Child Safeguarding and Protection eLearning

Part of demonstrating child safety best practices is ensuring that staff's child safeguarding and protection knowledge and skills remain current. As well as refreshing its child protection policy, organisations should also ensure its staff refresh their child protection training.


This new eLearning course is specifically tailored to supporting staff who have previously undertaken child safety training and need to refresh their child safeguarding and protection training.

At Lulu and Max, all staff complete child protection training. We've used other companies in the past and recently came across Holistic Safeguarding.


Our team has found this course extremely informative, with content relevant to NZ. It incorporated Te Reo Māori and delves into important information pertinent to the course.

The price is affordable, particularly compared to other online courses and especially given the depth of course knowledge provided."

Tessa Flowers-Morrell, Lulu & Max

School Care, After School Care, Holiday Programmes and OSCAR accredited.


Alexa Young, CA

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