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Child Safety Reviews

A Child Safety Review is a qualitative safeguarding step that can help organisations identify, assess and respond to their shared children's workforce and specific organisational child safeguarding and protection practice and culture needs.

A typical organisation vulnerability is assuming because the organisation is passionate about children’s well-being and safety, it is a safe organisation. However, being a child safe organisation requires active consideration and application of child safeguarding and protection solutions.

A Child Safety Review is a qualitative safeguarding solution for organisations to better assess, understand and respond to their known and primarily unrecognised, shared and specific child safeguarding and protection needs across the organisation’s stakeholders, services and environments. Reviews are a critical initial step and a continuous improvement measure, as they ensure the organisation meets its child safety needs and expectations and can address any new child safety challenges or concerns. 

A holistic Child Safety Review assesses and analyses an organisation’s child safety structures, systems, policies, procedures and ways of working under Child Safe Organisation best practices. The additional factors of us being independent experts in organisational safeguarding and ensuring the review supports the participation of stakeholders further ensures a qualitative review of the organisation’s child safeguarding implementation and capacities.

Customers receive a tailored Child Safety Findings Report capturing all review findings per child safety legislative requirements and each Child Safe Organisation National Principle.


Whether taken forward independently or with our Embedded Advisor Service, the recommendations noted in the Findings Report guide Customers through safeguarding solutions that embed a strong and sustained organisational culture of child safety. The Review and the Findings Report also serve as benchmark resources for measuring the continuous improvement of child safe services and operations.

If you are passionate about being a child safe organisation and want to ensure you are demonstrating child safety best practices and embedding a safeguarding culture, contact us or call +64 22 394 0691 for a FREE no-obligation Consultation.

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