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Child Safety Reviews

Working with children and families may reflect a passion for children's well-being and safety. However, assuming the organisation is child safe because of this passion is a common organisational vulnerability. Being a child-safe organisation requires active consideration and application of child safeguarding solutions underpinned with a safeguarding culture. A culture that safeguards everyone – children, staff/volunteers and the organisation.


Globally, various best practice models and mandatory laws guide child safe organisation requirements. Sadly, these currently remain limited in New Zealand. Although it is hoped, similar to Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, New Zealand’s Abuse in Care Royal Commission of Inquiry will generate some organisational child safety recommendations for Aotearoa’s Children’s Workforce. We anticipate any recommendations will expand the globally recognised 10 Australian National Child Safe Organisation Principles.

Child Safety Reviews

Child Safety Reviews are critical in helping organisations identify their present child safeguarding and protection strengths and vulnerabilities in relation to best practice and in enabling continuous improvement. As well as assisting organisations with self-assessment resources or providing annual audits, organisations mostly request our support in conducting their initial Child Safety Review.

Be a Child Safe Organisation

Here are just some of our customers who are passionate about making sure they are demonstrating child safety best practices and providing a safeguarding culture.


Some continue to utilise our other support services, such as Embedded Advisor Support, to help them forward their collective recommendations or Consultancy Support with specific findings or Principles.

If you are interested in having a Child Safety Review, please contact us or call us on +64 22 394 0691 for a no-obligation FREE Consultation.

By assessing and analysing organisational structures, systems and ways of working under the Ten National Child Safe Organisations Principles, our Child Safety Review provides the customer with a tailored Child Safety Findings Report. This report captures what the organisation is doing well, what can be improved, exposes potential child safeguarding gaps, and contains specific recommendations aligned to their needs, vulnerabilities, and each Child Safe Organisation Principle. 


This external assessment offers a specialist, objective, cost-effective approach to identifying the organisation’s child safeguarding development needs. It also provides a framework for taking forward improvements and a benchmark for measuring future progress.

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“I stumbled across Kim's work late last year and was impressed with her refreshing approach to safeguarding children.  Her strategies are innovative, respectful, and effective, and involve working collaboratively with agencies to develop tailor-made, ongoing solutions - rather than just the standard, one-size-fits-all, approach taken by many safeguarding consultants.”

Alasdair Roy OAM, Consultant Psychologist and Former Children and Young People Commissioner (Human Rights Commission), ACT, Australia

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