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Child Safe Organisations

At Holistic Safeguarding, we frequently help organisations meet their safeguarding and child protection requirements qualitatively. We are mostly known our unique specialist expertise that has helped organisations develop a safeguarding culture and implement child safety best practice or the foundations needed to secure external safeguarding or child safety accreditation. 

Being a child safe organisation means safeguarding resources need to underpin a safeguarding culture, not define it. Whether helping organisations take a phased approach by developing their safeguarding resources or supporting those able to develop their safeguarding culture and resources concurrently, we make sure the spotlight always remains on a goal of developing a safeguarding culture.

Organisations engaging with children and their families can share child protection requirements, but no organisation is the same. Hence solutions need to be proportionate to an organisation's needs, scope, resources and abilities. However, the key is ensuring a holistic approach is taken. Hence our name, Holistic Safeguarding isn't just who we are. It's what we do.

Unless there's an organic match, we don't make your needs fit our services. We make our services fit your needs. We are passionate about customers receiving tailored support, and we think outside of the box to make sure you receive that support in a way that works for you.