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Children in Indoor Playground

Child Safe Organisations

Being child safe means having a safeguarding culture that underpins and drives organisational safeguarding solutions making child safety evident in everyday thinking and practice. It is hoped, similar to Australia, outcomes from the New Zealand Royal Commission will see Aotearoa gain specific Child Safe Organisation recommendations. However, these are likely to build on the already globally recognised Australian Ten National Child Safe Organisations Principles which our Child Safety Consultancy Support and Child Safety Review Service are structured towards.

We help organisations qualitatively meet their safeguarding and child protection requirements. From helping organisations comply with their Children's Act 2014 requirements to guiding organisations through external child safety accreditation and every bit of child safety best practice in between. Our Child Safety Consultancy ensures organisations receive tailored support in a manner proportionate to their needs, scope, resources and abilities. From full child safety reviews to combined or specific safeguarding solutions, we can help. The following are some of our most popular services.


Alasdair Roy OAM,

Consultant Psychologist and Former

Children and Young People Commissioner (Human Rights Commission), ACT, Australia

I stumbled across Kim's work late last year and was impressed with her refreshing approach to safeguarding children.  Her strategies are innovative, respectful, and effective, and involve working collaboratively with agencies to develop tailor-made, ongoing solutions - rather than just the standard, one-size-fits-all, approach taken by many safeguarding consultants."

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