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In-Person Training Services

Child safeguarding and protection training is critical to ensuring that staff and volunteers have the knowledge and skills needed to identify and respond to child safety concerns and implement the organisation's child safety expectations.

We offer a significant portfolio of child safety courses, including safeguarding and child protection training from introductory, advanced to specialist levels. However, Customers mostly use our training services, as we tailor all training to meet their needs. Where applicable, this includes developing courses for customers.

In addition to delivering excellent training, we ensure all service elements support our customers. Our training is tailored, cost-effective, offers flexible delivery (e.g. your location, evening or weekend delivery if preferred) and, where possible, promotes self-sustainability (e.g. via Trainer for Trainer or blended learning options, etc.).

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Our training services are in high demand, and we strongly advocate making the most of our FREE, no-obligation consultation service so we can help you explore the learning options that work best for your organisation and staff.

Most customers join us following a recommendation, and to date, every in-person training customer continues to use us for their additional child safety professional development or refresher child protection training.

“I came into today feeling it was going to be a very ho-hum boring full day on child safety. I couldn't have been more wrong! It was a great way to learn and understand the NZ way of child protection."

CLM Community Sport - In-house Safeguarding and Child Protection Training

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Alexa Young, CA

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