Kia ora

I'm Kim Dickinson, the person behind Holistic Safeguarding. I predominately run Holistic Safeguarding. However, when needed, a small group of highly valued associates also help with business operations and service provisions.

With the emergence and impact of Covid-19 as a new business, Holistic Safeguarding's first 2 years have been both challenging and interesting. It hasn't been easy, and it has been a lot of hard work, but seeing the business continue to grow in services and customers has been amazing. As has been learning, most new customers come via recommendations. 

Seeing our partnerships with customers help turn their passion for child safety into reality is so rewarding. By guiding them through practical safeguarding solutions and helping them create a safeguarding culture, we literally see our vision of Safeguarding You to Safeguard Children come to life!

Financial barriers can be the most common reason for organisations not being able to access safeguarding support. Abuse does not discriminate, and neither should pathways to solutions. Hence my passion for ensuring that everyone working with children and their families has access to qualitative support. As well as offering cost-effective support, I'm delighted Holistic Safeguarding has been able to provide Aotearoa's children's workforce with FREE help and to see that support be so well received and appreciated.​

Holistic Safeguarding continues to grow, and I look forward to sharing new services and resources with you. Alternatively, please do feel free to reach out if I can be of any help.

Kia ora

My Story

I'm originally from the UK, and my career started working with offenders in correctional facilities. Over time this influenced me to move from restorative work into preventative practice, and my focus became child protection. 

I joined the UK's leading child protection charity (NSPCC), where I was a Senior Consultant for over a decade before going self-employed. Whilst working for the NSPCC, I met with Child Matters when they were visiting the UK. A long story short, they offered me a Consultant role here in Aotearoa. That was about 6 years ago, and since moving to this beautiful country, I have:

  • Become a New Zealand citizen.

  • Established Holistic Safeguarding. 

  • Led YMCA North to be New Zealand's first Safeguarding Accredited organisation and am now the New Zealand Consultant for Child Wise, supporting an independent school through their child safe accreditation process. 

  • Supported both of Aotearoa's child protection charities as a Child Protection Consultant.

My experience, knowledge and skills have enabled me to support a significant range of universal and bespoke organisations. Helping those organisations adopt solutions for their safeguarding objectives, whether these are qualitatively meeting safeguarding and child protection requirements, demonstrating best practice or establishing the foundations for safeguarding accreditation.

I am genuinely passionate about safeguarding and child protection. All tamariki, rangatahi and adults should be safe from harm, and organisations and staff should be safe from exploitation. 

We all desperately need to recognise child safety as a shared responsibility and something that requires a focus. It doesn't just happen.

Specialist Consultancy Support

As well as running Holistic Safeguarding, I can also support other specialist organisations with their safeguarding and child protection services. Particularly (although not exclusively) those relating to safeguarding accreditation. 


If you are interested in working together or if my support is of interest to you, please do feel to reach out.