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Tailored Child Protection Learning

We have assisted many Customers with tailored child protection on and offline learning material across various forms. Below is more information on how we can assist with tailored online child protection eLearning or blended learning resources, as well as some of our tailored learning whānau.

For information on support with tailored offline resources, resources available for purchases and our FREE resources please see our child protection resources.

Tailored eLearning

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Buying child protection eLearning spaces can be expensive for larger organisations or organisations supporting specific sectors (e.g., a specific sports sector). It can also be challenging for organisations with particular child safeguarding and protection training needs to find an eLearning course that meets all or most of their needs. This is where our values of being innovative and helping organisations become self-sustainable can be a great cost-effective solution. 

We are unique in that we will help customers purchase our eLearning as a product (rather than as spaces) or develop child protection eLearning courses for customers. Whilst this can be an initial outlay, it can still be cheaper than individual staff training costs and more affordable than budgeting for continuous external support.

As well as owning the course IP or having shared access to our IP, customers receive child protection material bespoke to them. In content, scenarios, branding, imagery (where desired) and supports integrating and aligning with organisational child safety policies and procedures.

All material is provided ready for hosting on the customer’s Learning Management System (LMS). However, we can host tailored resources for those without access to an LMS.

Tailored eLearing
Senior Computer Class

Blended Child Protection Learning Resources

Our blended learning resources are a qualitative but less expensive version of tailored eLearning courses. They are a great tailored, cost-effective option for organisations with challenges surrounding high staff numbers and/or specific learning needs but with a limited budget.

All blended learning courses are unique to each customer but support common themes of being hosted as eLearning, but in a manner that blends learning activities and methods such as facilitated learning (e.g. presentations, webinars, in-person training), learning resources (e.g. handouts, factsheets, resources, etc.). Depending on the level of tailoring required, we can also develop blended learning resources to support the integration of customer branding and policies and procedures. 


Courses can be provided for hosting on the customer’s Learning Management System (LMS), or we can host your blended learning resource.

Blended Learning
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"We are delighted to be working with Holistic Safeguarding in updating our organisation's Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies and procedures and developing a culture of safeguarding within New Zealand Golf and across golf as a sport.



My knowledge of this area was low, but the friendly and supportive approach from Holistic Safeguarding has made this work simpler and easier to understand.


We are thrilled with the products and e-learning that has been tailormade to our organisation and sport and highly recommend Holistic Safeguarding to other sports and organisations who wish to commit to their responsibility and role in safeguarding and child protection."

Liz McKinnon, Talent & Coach Development Officer

Golf New Zealand

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