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Child Protection for
Governance & Leadership

Unlike many other Executive responsibilities, identifying how safeguarding and child protection relates to Governance and Leadership roles and responsibilities can be challenging. Yet doing so is vital, as Governance and Leadership set and drive the organisation's focus points and culture.

In this engaging and informative 2 hour class, we coach Executive Staff through the national principles of being a Child Safe Organisation and how these principles relate to their specific roles and responsibilities.

This online class is suitable for all organisations supporting children/young people and their families and is for Executive Staff.

By the end of this class, learners are able to:

  • Identify the safeguarding role and responsibilities of Governance and Leadership staff.

  • Recall organisational safeguarding risks for children/young people, staff and your organisation.

  • State common barriers and challenges organisations can face in meeting and maintaining a safer organisation.

  • Adopt practical strategies to help take learning forward and inform ongoing safe practice.

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