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Being A Child Safe Organisations

This engaging and informative 2.5 hour class fully utilises our expertise in organisational safeguarding, child safety best practices and safeguarding accreditation to provide customers with a detailed overview of what is needed to be a child safe organisation. 


We guide customers through a holistic approach to organisational safeguarding. They can start identifying their strengths and development areas and receive guidance on practical safeguarding solutions that can help them embed a strong and sustainable organisational culture of child safety.

The class can support all organisations supporting children/young people and their families.  It best serves staff in:

  • Governance or Leadership Positions

  • Staff working at Managerial and/or Supervisory levels

  • Staff in specific roles, such as:

    • Human Resources

    • Learning and Development

    • Safeguarding and/or Child Protection Positions

    • Pastoral/Well-being Positions

    • Organisational Development

Children in Indoor Playground

“Awesome course. Enlightening and easy to understand.”


“Enlightening. Worthwhile. Informative. Important. Relevant. Should be mandatory.”

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