Why Holistic Safeguarding?

Holistic Safeguarding may be a new name but our work is certainly known. It was a pleasure supporting other specialist providers and helping organisations achieve safeguarding accreditation but the time had come for our safeguarding support to be offered via our own path. Some of the drivers that set the foundation for Holistic Safeguarding being established are the same factors that make us different. These differences are then strengthened further by our organisational Mission, Vision and Values.

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Best Practice

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Safeguarding Risks

and Solutions

Holistic isn’t just part of our name, it’s the reason for our name. 

  • Our safeguarding solutions seek to safeguard everyone – children/adults, staff and the organisation.

  • We can support organisations with safeguarding children and/or adults-at-risk. 

Our expertise isn't just what we think works, we have years of experiencing in supporting organisations through safeguarding and protection best practice or accreditation models.


This support and experience is across all assessment and endorsement roles, e.g. assessing organisations, providing them with leadership support, either as a consultant or as their designated safeguarding staff.

Our journey into safeguarding was founded in working with offenders. 

With expertise in working with both offenders and survivors, we have significant risk identification and mitigation skills. 

We also recognise the need for safeguarding interventions to be holistic in order to create change around abusive influencers, environments and/or behaviours.

If you are looking for any safeguarding support and you're not sure what you may need or using someone new, why not have a chat with us? It's free, there's no obligation and we can help you explore your needs and the support options available. We can also put you in touch with some of our customers if that would be of any further assistance.


In the interim why not have a look at some of our FREE Resources or see if we are running on of our free webinars.

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Our Mission


To help all professionals and organisations serving children and/or adults-at-risk demonstrate safeguarding best practice.

Our Vision

Safeguarding You to Safeguard Others

Our Values

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To Provide Tailored Support

While safeguarding needs and responsibilities may be similar or shared, solutions should always be tailored to those they are serving.

Whether for our audiences, our customers and/or their audiences, we make certain everything we offer is tailored support.


To Be Innovative

We are solution-focused. We think outside of the box to ensure customers needs can be met. We believe it is for our services to fit our customer's needs, not our customer's needs to fit within our services. 


To Support Safeguarding Sustainability

Part of an effective safeguarding culture is leadership taking safeguarding ownership. Where possible, we support customers in adopting and maintaining attainable and qualitative self-sustainable safeguarding solutions. Developing their safeguarding ownership and reducing their need for ongoing specialist support.

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To Be Accessible For All

Abuse holds no discrimination and neither must access to solutions. We support any professional or organisation wishing to strengthen their safeguarding practice and/or protect others from risks of harm. We help customers remove any barriers that have prevented access to support.