Safeguarding Training Events

  • Thu, Apr 15
    Child Protection for Early Years
    Due to changes in covid levels, we have had to change our Hamilton Saturday training event to a webinar. Although no longer a Saturday event, this training is specifically tailored for early years professionals. Learn how to safeguard children, staff and your organisation.
  • Thu, May 13
    Pelorus Trust Sports House
    Learn how unsafe people can exploit their professional positions and organisations. Explore safeguarding strategies that can help to prevent exploitation. You will also receive a complimentary copy of our Safeguarding Toolkit Resource.
  • Thu, Jun 17
    Royal Oak Bowls
    The Trilogy of Risk (aka the 'Toxic Trio') relates to a cooking pot of risk, with the ingredients being - Family Violence, Parental Substance Misuse and Parental Mental Illness. Learners will explore the potential impact on a child/young people living in families where the trilogy may be a feature.
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