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Our team have found the Safeguarding Children with Disabilities eLearning engaging, enjoyable and rewarding.  Having access to disability tailored safeguarding learning has been perfect for enhancing staff’s safeguarding skills and capabilities. Developing their understanding, practical knowledge and awareness on the importance safeguarding plays in our work and daily lives.  It will definitely support staff in their work with clubs, schools and the wider community. The wider disability sector can only benefit from how this course is tailored towards their sector and wider work.


New Zealand Golf wants to ensure our young people can thrive and flourish in a safe environment, making sure their experiences in golf are positive.  The support from Holistic Safeguarding is continually guiding us to support this goal. 


Kim has supported the development of our safeguarding and child protection policies. All content was tailored to our golfing landscape and delivered in an interactive manner for our stakeholders. Kim is an engaging presenter and a pleasure to work with, her expertise in this area is invaluable. I could not recommend Kim enough. 


We want to thank Kim for her passion and drive to safeguard tamariki and for sharing her knowledge with us, so we can do the same!



LECTURER, FACULTY OF EDUCATION & SOCIAL WORK - University of Auckland/Te Whare Wānanga o Tāmaki-makau-rau

Holistic Safeguarding - Sport & Recreation Safeguarding Toolkit

A rational, balanced, and immediately actionable resource for safeguarding children in sport and recreation


From the outset, the Sport and Recreation Safeguarding Toolkit acknowledges the challenges clubs and sports administrators face in child safeguarding. Particularly refreshing is the ‘proportionate approach’ that recognises the vast range of needs and capabilities of the sports sector. 


The toolkit makes a significant distinction between a ‘culture of safeguarding’ as opposed to a ‘culture of protection’. A protection focus, as Holistic Safeguarding suggests, “only protects the most vulnerable, and only at a time when they are at their highest level of need”. The ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, as it were. The toolkit provides users with a balanced perspective of child safeguarding with clear and supportive approaches that keep us walking clear of the edge, to begin with, along with clear and manageable steps at each turn. 


The tangible examples turn overwhelming legislative expectations into user-friendly, contextually adaptable, and immediately actionable steps. It offers a rational and balanced perspective of safeguarding in sport, serving as a resource for coaches and sport administrators that is critical to meet the needs of our sector and promote positive experiences for all.

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Safeguarding Children began working with Kim in 2019.  


Kim shows a passionate determination and commitment to ensure organisations have strategies in place to prevent child abuse and ensure children receive the help they need.


She is client-focused, a strategic thinker and a tenacious advocate for children.  Kim was visionary in her approach to the development of our latest resources.


We look forward to a continued relationship with Kim in her own business in the future, and wish her well.

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