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They say child protection is like a jigsaw and it's only when all the pieces come together the true picture can be seen. The same can be said for having a Safe Organisation. However, Safe Organisations don’t just happen; they need to be created.

A Safe Organisation captures child safety but also protects staff and the organisation. We help organisations establish a safeguarding culture and embed safeguarding as a shared organisational responsibility by developing safeguarding solutions aligned to the 5 Core Components of Safeguarding

We are experts in multi-agency working and support all sectors and organisations in Aotearoa serving our children and adults at risk. Some examples include small and large NGOs, national and local Sport organisations, Health providers, all levels of the Education sector, Early Years, Government organisations, as well as bespoke sectors such as Dentistry, Travel and many more. Holistic Safeguarding is also the only organisation in New Zealand experienced in implementing and assessing safeguarding accreditation standards.

Safeguarding Organisations

At Holistic Safeguarding, we've identified the 5 Core Components of Safeguarding.


It is the elements within these primary Core Components (e.g. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies, Safer Recruitment, etc.) that strengthen safeguards across key areas of operational and strategic practice.

However, collectively these Core Component jigsaw pieces come together to help create a safeguarding culture. When you have a safeguarding culture, safeguarding becomes part of your workforce's unconscious competence embedded in their everyday thinking and practice.

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We identify safeguarding solutions tailored to you and your needs. We offer a range of consultancy and learning services, some of our most popular services include:

  • Presentations/briefings/facilitated events.

  • Safeguarding Needs Analysis and Safeguarding Action Plans.

  • Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy - reviews, development and sector interactive templates.

  • Safeguarding Code of Conduct - reviews and development.

  • Development of tailored LMS ready safeguarding and child protection eLearning.

  • Safeguarding Induction Resource Development.

Other service examples include:

Subject Matter Consultant - Supporting Governance and Leadership as a subject matter expert.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Development - A popular service that has not only included supporting organisations with their Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy but also in developing interactive Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies for their sector. Helping those over-arching organisations feel confident in their sector operating to compliance requirements and in demonstrating a consistency of practice.

Other examples of safeguarding policy, procedure and guidelines support relates to - Safer Recruitment, Safeguarding Codes of Conduct, Safeguarding Adult's, Allegations Against Staff and Policy Breaches Protocols.

Integrating Safeguarding into HR/People & Culture - Unlike most other providers, we've worked with offenders and have significant experience in knowing how they can not only exploit organisations but also target organisations. Blend that expertise with our safeguarding expertise and customers hugely value our support in establishing safer recruitment processes. We also help organisations integrate safeguarding within their organisational values, establish safeguarding as a shared workforce responsibility and develop and implement Safeguarding Training strategies.

Risk Assessment & Mitigation StrategiesOften requested by customers as part of our Safeguarding Needs Analysis service. Again utilising our range of safeguarding and offender expertise we support organisations identify shared child workforce vulnerabilities but also those that may be bespoke to that customer. However, we make sure that we not only flag the risks but also offer tailored practical solutions, proportionate to that customer.

Establishing Safeguarding Collaborative Working Frameworks - Safeguarding being viewed and adopted as a shared workforce responsibility is critical to achieving a safe organisation. It can't be just one person's responsibility and leadership can't be everywhere all the time, it has to be shared. We help organisations with safeguarding structures that identify shared and specialist safeguarding responsibilities, mentoring services for those holding specialist responsibilities, frameworks that promote inclusivity and work together with internal and external stakeholders, including children and young people. It's these undertakings that enable organisations to feel confident in having a 'say something' culture.

Self-Assessment and Monitoring Frameworks - A safeguarding culture can help safeguarding become part of everyday thinking and practice, however, that culture still needs to be monitored, evaluated and developed to ensure it remains effective and current. Organisations operating to external provider standards particularly value our safeguarding assessment, audit and outcome support.

Significant Incident Aftermath - Sadly incidents can and do happen. Given the emotional component, managing the aftermath of a serious incident(s) can be a delicate and isolating process.  Holistic Safeguarding is more than willing to walk that difficult path with you, offering guidance and support where applicable. If you are having, or have had, a significant child protection incident, use our free consultation service and we can make sure you're not on your own during such a challenging time. 

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