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You may already be familiar with the term 'child-safe'. This and 'adult-safe' for those supporting adults-at-risk, definitely have a place at the table. However, if we only focus on being child or adult safe, we are effectively only feeding one family member at the family table. Organisations must take a holistic approach to safeguarding. This captures everyone, children/adults, staff and the organisation's needs. By focusing on becoming and remaining a Safer Organisation, organisations by default encompass child and adult safe practice, yet maintain a culture of keeping everyone safe - children/adults, staff and the organisation.

Child and adult protection is like a jigsaw, it's only when all the pieces come together the true picture can be seen. It is the same with becoming a Safer Organisation, all your safeguarding solutions need to come together to create a safer organisation. However, the key to them coming together and being applied lies within the organisational culture. Without a safeguarding culture, organisations can basically have a safeguarding toolbox with implementation being sporadic, or only applied upon a directive, or simply not applied. It is having a safeguarding culture that makes these tools become solutions and part of everyday thinking and practice.


Safe Organisations don’t just happen, they need to be created. With the prevalence of child abuse and adult vulnerability being what it is in Aotearoa. Sadly, there is no part of New Zealand’s children and/or adult workforce immune from risks relating to:

We are proud to be one of Aotearoa's pioneers in driving safer organisations an organisational cultural approach to safeguarding. Creating this is a specialist field and requires specialist expertise. Without this experience and expertise, organisations can unwittingly be led into thinking they have a safeguarding culture but the reality is they've effectively strengthened their toolbox and continue to hold organisational vulnerabilities.

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The 5 Core Components of Safeguarding

Achieving a safeguarding culture is not complex but it does require the right focus and implementation. We support organisations in developing safeguarding solutions across the 5 Core Components of Safeguarding. 

The elements within these Core Components (e.g. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies, Safer Recruitment, etc.) strengthen safeguards across these key areas of practice.


Collectively they create the qualitative foundations of a safeguarding culture. 

All the steps we take are proportionate to your needs, scope and resources. We also take a phased approach to make sure we are working with your staff in creating the safeguarding culture. If you are interested in joining some of our other customers and wish to explore working towards becoming a Safer Organisation, contact us and we will happily explore your needs with you. There's no cost or obligation, we will simply have a chat and help you explore your safeguarding options.


Safeguarding You to Safeguard Others