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Organisations working with tamariki, rangatahi and adults at risk may share the same legal and ethical safeguarding requirements but how these are adopted and implemented must be proportionate to that organisation’s needs, scope, resources and abilities. 


At Holistic Safeguarding, we are passionate about ensuring customers receive the support they need. We don't try to make your needs fit a pre-existing portfolio. If we have isn't what is needed, or you need support in a different way, then we simply design and develop it for you. Thinking outside of the box is just one of the many ways we demonstrate making sure you receive that tailored support. 

Our significant expertise in multi-agency working ensures our portfolio continues to reflect a range of small to large NGOs, national to local Sport and Recreation organisations, the Disability, Health, Education and Early Years sectors, as well as bespoke sectors such as Dentistry, Travel and many more. We are also the only provider experienced in supporting organisations achieve safeguarding accreditation or best practice endorsement.

Unlike most providers, we can offer safeguarding support for both children and adults. So whether you are an OSCAR provider, an adult Substance Misuse provider or an NGO supporting the whole family, we can help you, wherever in Aotearoa you may be.

"I stumbled across Kim's work late last year and was impressed with her refreshing approach to safeguarding children.  Her strategies are innovative, respectful, and effective, and involve working collaboratively with agencies to develop tailor-made, ongoing solutions - rather than just the standard, one-size-fits-all, approach taken by many safeguarding consultants."

Alasdair Roy OAM, Consultant Psychologist /

Former Children and Young People Commissioner (Human Rights Commission), ACT, Australia

Safeguarding Options

Our passion is supporting organisations to become Safer Organisations and develop a safeguarding culture that safeguards everyone - children, staff and the organisation. However, we understand all organisations are at different stages of their safeguarding journey and as well as having different needs, they also have a variance of resources available to them.


So, whether it is seeking assistance with strengthening safeguarding solutions and tools, to creating a safeguarding culture, we can help. Either way, we enable our customers to be able to demonstrate safeguarding best practice, all in a manner proportionate and relevant to their needs.

Tailored Support

Everything we offer is tailored. Whether that's via:

  • Our completely bespoke consultancy support, e.g. supporting customers with the development and/or review of their Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy, Safeguarding Codes of Conduct, Safer Recruitment Processes, etc.

  • Our specialist resources, e.g we are the only providers to offer eLearning specifically designed for and tailored to schools and the disability sector, we also have provisions such as our Sport and Recreation Safeguarding Toolkit.

  • Tailoring our resources further, for example, New Zealand Rugby League now has their own Rugby League specific version of our Sport and Recreation Safeguarding Toolkit; New Zealand Golf and Y Central (formerly YMCA Wellington) both have their own inhouse learning management system ready tailored safeguarding and child protection eLearning course.  However, all our FREE resources are already designed to support use 'as is' or you tailoring further, e.g. Whistleblowing Policy template, Safeguarding Commitment Form, etc.

In addition, as much as possible we help our customers become safeguarding self-sustainable. This reduces their ongoing need for specialist support, which helps to reduce ongoing safeguarding costs and critically increases internal safeguarding ownership. Hence our services in developing learning management system ready eLearning, safeguarding induction resources, or delivering courses such as our Trainer for Trainer course, etc. all being incredibly popular with our customers.

We make sure our customers have the big picture and then we simply work with them on however much of this they wish to or are able to take forward. We adopt schedules that are favourable to the customer (e.g. a step-by-step approach or by working to a Safer Organisation project commission) and that remain flexible to customers being able to manage ongoing and any unforeseen demands while keeping safeguarding as an organisational priority.

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