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‘Nationwide Services. Free Consultations. No Obligation.

Best practice Safeguarding Solutions.’

A range of safeguarding/child protection consultancy services tailored to serving your organisational, workforce and sector needs. Enabling practical safeguarding solutions across strategic

and operational aspects. We think outside the box so you get what you needs, as opposed to what's available.

Whether for you, your stakeholders or both, we provide and develop safeguarding/child protection resources and toolkits that offer practical guidance, clarity and enable informed application, across a variety of safeguarding elements, including the 5 Core Components of Safeguarding. See the below video on our Sport and Recreation Safeguarding Toolkit.

All our safeguarding/child protection training and learning services remain tailored to customers, sectors or a specific safeguarding focus.  We can support customers with onsite training, eLearning and learning development structures, e.g. induction templates. We also promote customer self-sustainability structures where possible. 

Sport and Recreation Safeguarding Toolkit - Safeguarding solutions and creating a safeguarding culture.
Holistic Safeguarding Consultancy, Training and Resource Services

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