Safeguarding Resources Services

The response to our safeguarding resources and toolkits has been amazing. It is great to hear how they are supporting so many organisations and professionals in strengthening their safeguarding practice. As a result, this is now a continuously growing arm of our business.


We wanted to show that it doesn't have to be difficult or expensive to access quality safeguarding and child protection support. Our FREE resources cover a range of guidance documents and articles, policy and form templates, practical and information resources, etc. 

Our Sport and Recreation Safeguarding Toolkit has been so well received by not only the sport and recreation sector but by most sectors supporting children and young people. Although tailored to sport and recreation, with the content and resources being so transferable, it has been snapped up by faith settings, large and small youth NGOs, community organisations and many more. It's event gone Trans-Tasman! Customers have valued the practical safeguarding guidance and resources, but mostly the clarity on why these safeguards are needed and how they can be tailored to each organisation.

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"The Sport and Recreation Safeguarding Toolkit offered by Holistic Safeguarding is a great way for organisations to bring their safeguarding practices up to good practice. We invested heaps of time, money and energy - including undertaking a benchmarking process in 2018 with an overseas provider and ended up developing much of what is in the toolkit. Having the toolkit available to us would have fast-tracked our improvements to our safeguarding culture."

Joshua Tabor, CEO

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Tailoring Our Resources

As well as providing resources and toolkits we also support customers by  tailoring our existing resources  to and for them.


For example, New Zealand Rugby League has a rugby league version of our Sport and Recreation Safeguarding Toolkit.

Tailoring Your Resources

We also support customers by helping them integrate safeguarding into any new or existing resources, e.g. instruction guides, service information, etc.

Helping them ensure all their information stays current and prevalent in promoting their safeguarding culture.

LMS Ready eLearning

Another hugely popular service provision. Rather than purchase eLearning spaces, for some customers, it is more cost-effective and self-sustaining to purchase the eLearning as a product.


Customers then get tailored safeguarding and protection (child or adult), all in their own branding and ready for uploading onto their own Learning Management System.