Safeguarding and Child Protection 

Consultancy and Development Services 

While not exclusive, the below offers examples of some of our Safeguarding (Children and Adults)
and Child Protection Consultancy and Development Services. All tailored to your needs

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Below details our range of safeguarding, child protection and adult at risk consultancy and development services. We identifying safeguarding solutions tailored to you and your needs. Hence some of our most popular services being:

  • Presentations/briefings/facilitated events.

  • Safeguarding Needs Analysis and Action Plans.

  • Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy - reviews, development and sector interactive templates.

  • Safeguarding Code of Conduct - reviews and development.

  • Tailored LMS ready safeguarding and child protection eLearning.

  • Safeguarding Induction Resource Development.

Conferences/Speaker/ Presentations​

Subject Matter Consultant

Supporting Organisations, Governance and Leadership as a subject matter expert. Providing advice, guidance and support across strategic and operational considerations.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Development

A popular service is our support in helping organisations develop or review their Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies. This has included supporting those organisations with sector stakeholder responsibilities develop an interactive sector Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy. Enabling this sector to have a consistency of baseline safeguarding expectations while having the flexibility to reflect best practice where resources permit.

Other policy, procedure and guidelines support relates to - Safer Recruitment, Safeguarding Codes of Conduct, Safeguarding Adult's, Allegations Against Staff and Policy Breaches Protocols.

Integrating Safeguarding into HR/People & Culture

Safer Recruitment / Integration with organisational values / Adoption as a shared workforce responsibility / Safeguarding Training strategies.

Risk Assessment & Mitigation Strategies

Safeguarding/Child Protection Needs Analysis​​ and Action Plans

Safeguarding and Child Protection Induction Resources

A service growing in popularity is our provisions of tailored or final draft versions of customer induction resources or material, that collates introducing new staff and/or volunteers to critical safeguarding and child protection awareness elements, relevant policies and procedures, and safeguarding and child protection training.

Establishing Safeguarding Collaborative Working Frameworks 

Internal and external working together processes / Structures enabling youth participation and capturing of the child's voice / Safeguarding Committees / Designated Safeguarding Staff / Safeguarding Champions / Reflective of Inclusivity

Safeguarding and Child Protection Monitoring Frameworks

Supporting the development and implementation of internal self-assessment frameworks, as well as other assessment and audit frameworks. Ensuring the monitoring, evaluation and ongoing development of safeguarding measures.

Significant Incident Aftermath

If you are having, or have had, a significant child protection incident, Holistic Safeguarding can offer you support. Sadly incidents can and do happen. Given the emotional component, managing the aftermath can be a delicate and isolating process.  Holistic Safeguarding can walk that difficult path with you, offering support and guidance where applicable.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Mentoring Services  

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