Safeguarding and Child Protection 

Consultancy Services 

Whilst not exclusive, the below offers examples of some of our Safeguarding (Children and Adults)
and Child Protection Consultancy Services. All tailored to your needs

Conferences/Speaker/ Presentations​

Subject Matter Consultant

Supporting Organisations, Governance and Leadership structures as a subject matter expert.Providing advice, guidance and support on: 

  • Key roles and responsibilities. 

  • Establishing a safeguarding culture.

  • Integrating safeguarding into strategic plans, etc.

  • Establishing and integrating safeguarding into incident management systems and processes.

Integrating Safeguarding into HR/People & Culture

  • Ensuring Safer Recruitment practice encompasses all risk assessment and police screening best practice.

  • Establishing safeguarding as a shared workforce responsibility.

  • Effective and self-sustainable learning and development strategies.

Risk Assessment & Mitigation Strategies

  • Support in naming organisational safeguarding and child protection strengths and risks. 

  • Identifying any specific organisational vulnerabilities.

  • Offering risk mitigation strategies, aligned to existing strengths (where possible).

Safeguarding/Child Protection Needs Analysis​​

  • Identification of needs across all organisational provisions and remits.

  • Inclusive of physical and online environments.

  • Ensuring legislative and sector standards compliance.

  • Aligned to best practice.

Significant Incident Aftermath

If you are having, or have had, a significant child protection incident, Holistic Safeguarding can offer you support. 

Sadly incidents can and do happen. Given the emotional component, managing the aftermath can be a delicate and isolating process.  Holistic Safeguarding can walk that difficult path with you, offering support and guidance where applicable.


Safeguarding (Children and/or Adults) and Child Protection - Training, Workshops, Seminars, Inter-active briefings, etc​.

Collaborative Working Frameworks 

Help in identifying and/or developing strategies supporting:

  • Effective internal and external working together processes.

  • Approaches that are target audience focused.

  • Reflective of inclusivity.

Mentoring Services

For Professionals holding specific safeguarding positions or responsibilities. Services include support, advice and guidance in meeting their requirements, overcoming any challenges and/or barriers to implementation needs, support in managing welfare concerns, self-care coping strategies, etc. 

As this service develops, member’s will also be able to join Holistic Safeguarding's Multi-Agency Safeguarding Professionals Network. Enabling them to connect with a network of other professionals in similar positions or with similar responsibilities.

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