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Recognising & Responding to Disclosures

Being able to respond to a concern is one of the main Rs of child protection. Yet sadly, many child/young person disclosures can be missed or not responded to safely.

In this engaging, interactive and informative 2.5hr online class we explore the different types of disclosures, how they may present and how to respond safely. This learning can serve as a great introduction to child protection, or refresher training or as additional professional development to support staff with this specific area practice.


This multi-agency class can support all staff, from any working level and any organisation working with children/young people and/or their families.

Currently Only Available As An In-house Exclusive Class

By the end of this class, learners will be able to:

  • Recognise the different types of disclosures.

  • Apply safe practice for all when responding to a disclosure.

  • Identify the relevance of empowering children/young people and their voice to support them in feeling safe to disclose any concerns.

  • Name the key safeguards organisations need to support all those involved and to ensure any concerns are managed appropriately.

Available As An In-house Exclusive Class Only

All Learners receive a Personal Certificate, and to help further evidence Professional Development, we make sure all our certificates quote the full 2.5hr study time, as well as the course aim and objectives.


If you would like to register a group of learners and prefer to pay via invoice, or if you would prefer to access this training as a bespoke in-house online class, please contact us, and we can assist you in taking forward either of these preferences.

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