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Resources and Toolkits

Child Safeguarding Resources

Our child safeguarding resources and toolkits remain hugely popular. We have resources available for purchase and several FREE resources available for download. 


Holistic Safeguarding’s resources and toolkits are designed to assist Aotearoa’s children’s workforce with child safeguarding guidance, forms, templates, etc., to help organisations with practical steps in developing, strengthening and applying their child safety practices.

Sport and Recreation Safeguarding Toolkit

Available for purchase, our Sport and Recreation Safeguarding Toolkit has been well received in Aotearoa and overseas! It is also a resource that some customers have taken forward as a tailored resource specific to their sport.


The Toolkit offers a step-by-step approach to creating the foundations of a safeguarding culture and the practical guidance and resources needed to strengthen individual safeguards and help take these forward. 

For less than a staff member attending a 1-day course, you can support your whole organisation in making child safeguarding part of everyday thinking, practice and culture. Take a proportionate approach applicable to your organisation’s needs, scope, resources, abilities and timeline.

For support with in-house child safeguarding, a top-rated service accessed by many customers is our assistance with tailoring safeguarding and child protection resources. 


We are more than happy to tailor any of our resources to your organisation, or we can help you integrate child safety best practices into existing resources (e.g. instructional guides, service information, handbooks, etc.), or we can develop bespoke resources for you.


Whether you are looking for support with a particular safeguarding solution (e.g. a child safe-safer recruitment toolkit, internal/ sector policy templates, etc.) or assistance with a combination of needs (e.g. organisational child safety manuals/handbooks), we can help. 

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Tailored LMS Ready 
Child Safeguarding and Protection eLearning

High learner numbers, staff turnover, having specific organisation focus points/needs, etc., are all factors that can make eLearning an immediate and ongoing necessary but significant organisational expense. Unlike other eLearning providers, where it is best for the customer, we help and encourage them to purchase the product instead of the spaces. 


Ensuring customers can access eLearning most cost-effectively while retaining, if not increasing, the learning quality and developing their safeguarding self-sustainability.

We develop safeguarding and child protection eLearning that is ready for customers to load onto their internal LMS system and ensures their staff access specialist, qualitative child safeguarding that is branded and tailored to the organisation, e.g. policy and procedure integration, case studies, etc.

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