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Whistleblowing Policy Template - FREE

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Brand: Holistic Safeguarding

A significant factor in creating a 'say something' culture is making sure you have every avenue possible available for people to share any concerns. A Whistleblowing Policy is another tool in the toolbox that can help offer reassurance to staff or others, to expose any serious concerns that may be occurring within the organisation.

This is a FREE Safeguarding Whistleblowing Policy for organisations to download and tailor to their organisation and available resources. It is designed with a safeguarding focus. However, settings can amend it to be all-encompassing (e.g. finance, H&S, HR, etc.). Organisations accessing this resource must ensure it is aligned to other applicable organisational policies and procedures. While not exclusive, examples include:

  • Safeguarding and Child Protection Identification and Reporting Guidelines
  • Complaints Policies and Procedures
  • HR Guidelines, e.g. grievances and disciplinary, etc.
  • Policy and Procedure Breach Guidelines
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