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Sport & Recreation Safeguarding Toolkit

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Brand: Holistic Safeguarding

We are so pleased our toolkit is being so well received both within Aotearoa and overseas! Customer's are valuing the step-by-step approach to creating the foundations of a safeguarding culture and the practical steps and resources the toolkit offers to help take these points forward. See below for some of the testimonials our toolkit has received.

For less than 1 member of staff attending a 1 day training event, this toolkit will support your whole workforce and organisation -

  • Learn how unsafe people try to exploit children, professional positions, and clubs/ settings.
  • Adopt safeguarding strategies that serve as bricks in your safeguarding wall.
  • Safeguard everyone - children, staff and your club/setting.
  • Explore the 5 Core Components of Safeguarding. Individually they safeguard critical ways of working. Collectively they create the foundations of a safeguarding culture.
  • Confidently meet legislative requirements while adopting best practice, to ensure those vulnerabilities not recognised in legislation are safeguarded.
  • Utilise the A-Z of Safer Recruitment, transferring guidance and templates into recruitment practice.
  • 60 pages of policy and procedure guidance and content. Including a specific focus on child protection policies with category and possible indicator content material.
  • Keep staff safe via safe practice and should a concern arise, access guidance on responding to allegations against staff.
  • Receive e-document versions of all resources and templates upon check-out.

Take a proportionate approach, applicable to your needs, scope, resources, abilities and timeline. Helping safeguarding become part of your return strategy and ongoing everyday thinking and practice.

Some of Our Testimonials


“Aktive is committed to safeguarding children and young people, staff and organisations; and has worked with Kim to support this. Holistic Safeguarding’s Sport & Recreation Safeguarding Toolkit and associated templates provide really useful information and resources to help organisations establish and improve good safeguarding practice and tools, e.g. child protection policies, recruitment procedures, safe ways of working, etc.

Kim is passionate about helping organisations create a positive safeguarding culture and has provided a well-structured set of resources, in an easy to use format, to assist organisations with taking safeguarding and child protection forward in a way that safeguards everyone – children, staff and the organisation.”

Luke Morriss, Portfolio Manager

Scouts New Zealand

"The Sport and Recreation Safeguarding Toolkit offered by Holistic Safeguarding is a great way for organisations to bring their safeguarding practices up to good practice. We invested heaps of time, money and energy - including undertaking a benchmarking process in 2018 with an overseas provider and ended up developing much of what is in the toolkit. Having the toolkit available to us would have fast tracked our improvements to our safeguarding culture."

Joshua Tabor, CEO

Sport Waitākere

“The Sport and Recreation Safeguarding Toolkit, is a great resource for clubs. The information is palatable for those in leadership roles. The toolkit highlights the importance of Safeguarding in the sector, and the exemplars provide great guidance on applying the information.”

Javeed Ali, Community Sport and Recreation Team Lead

University of Auckland | Te Whare Wānanga o Tāmaki-makau-rau

"A rational, balanced, and immediately actionable resource for safeguarding children in sport and recreation… Particularly refreshing is the ‘proportionate approach’ that recognises the vast range of needs and capabilities of the sport sector… It turns overwhelming legislative expectations into user-friendly, contextually adaptable, and immediately actionable steps. Serving as a resource for coaches and sport administrators that is critical to meet the needs of our sector and promote positive experiences for all."

Blake Bennett, Ph.D, Lecturer, Faculty of Education and Social Work

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