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Guidance on Safeguarding Policy Breach Protocols/Procedures - FREE

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Brand: Holistic Safeguarding

Even with the best safeguarding policies and systems in place, things can happen that mean practice expectations have not been met, or the advocated expectations may not best serve the scenario being presented. Part of having a safeguarding culture is being realistic to our policies and procedures serving the majority of situations but not necessarily accommodating every scenario.

One of the purposes of having a safeguarding culture is, so all your safeguards work together and support each other. Just as safeguarding can't be one person's responsibility, it also can’t be solved by one safeguarding measure. A significant part of a safeguarding culture should be having structures in place to help recognise as soon as possible when something may not be working and/or when a risk may have occurred. This includes having a Safeguarding Policy Breach Protocol or Procedures in place.

This FREE resource offers a basic guide on the purpose of having Safeguarding Policy Breach processes in place, and points for consideration when taking this development forward. It captures some of the - Safeguards, Points for Consideration, Data to Capture and Data Use.

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