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Child Version of a Child Protection Policy (Young Children) - FREE

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Brand: Holistic Safeguarding

This FREE Child's Version of a Child Protection Policy resource has been designed to support a child-friendly way of communicating your commitment to child protection with young children directly. Its design supports a child-friendly approach, as well as being age and developmentally appropriate.

Children describe regarding safety as the need for both 'being safe' and 'feeling safe'. This resource is a great way of starting conversations with children about what safety means to them and can help encourage them to talk to staff about any worries they may have. It also offers staff a helpful tool when looking to take to a child who they may be worried about.

Children may open up about none child protection related points. However, if they don't tell us the little things, they won't tell us the big things! Us adults just need to tailor our responses to the worry or worries being shared.

Best practice is ensuring all staff are trained in safeguarding and child protection to help ensure they can identify concerns and respond to any disclosures appropriately. If you need support with training please contact us, we not only offer these services but can also make sure you have something tailored to your needs.

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