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Mitigating Child Safety Risks

Following a popular Bite-size webinar and subsequent high demand, we've added this as a new class to our virtual classroom programme.  


This class explores child safety risks at a strategic organisational level. When it comes to organisations and child safety risks, there can be two common findings. The first is organisations not having any form of risk management in place. The second, is those that do, often omit integrating child safety. However, child safety risk mitigation is critical for everyone's wellbeing (children, staff and the organisation) and can seriously help to lessen the impact of any risks that do occur.

In this engaging, interactive and informative 2hr class, Learners are guided through common organisation child safety risks and identifying risk mitigation strategies through a safeguarding and child protection lens. 

Currently Only Available As An In-house Exclusive Class

By the end of this class, learners will be able to:

  • Recognise the different types of risk. 

  • Identify areas of vulnerability within their organisation.

  • Recall common safeguarding and child protection risks.

  • State risk management structures that can help their organisation with mitigating child safety risks. 

Available as an In-house Exclusive Class only

All Learners receive a Personal Certificate, and to help further evidence Professional Development we make sure all certificates quote the full 2hr study time, as well as the course aim and objectives.


If you would like to register a group of learners and prefer to pay via invoice, or if you would prefer to access this training as a bespoke in-house online class, please contact us, and we can assist you in taking forward either of these preferences.

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