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Child Protection for Early Years

“It was amazing. Interactive, so interesting and very relevant to our profession.”  

Learner Testimonial

This hugely popular, engaging, interactive and informative 2.5hr online class, is a qualitative child protection learning option for early years professionals. 

It specifically tailors safeguarding and child protection to early years and supports staff in identifying and responding to child concerns and/or allegations against staff. Learners are guided through the main Rs of Child Protection -

Recognising Concerns

Responding to Concerns 

Reporting and Referring Concerns

Recording Concerns


We know Monday - Friday, 9-5pm training doesn't work for everyone. Particularly for some of our early years whānau, so early evening and Saturday classes are also available.

$40.00 Incl. GST per Learner

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Although not exclusive, some examples of staff and organisations this online class can support includes -


  • This class can serve as child protection professional development for all staff across all working levels.

  • It can serve as new or refresher learning and can serve as foundation learning for any staff who do hold or will be holding specific safeguarding responsibilities (e.g. being a Lead Person, Safeguarding Champion, etc.).


  • It can also support any volunteers or helpers who may be assisting you on a regular or long-term basis.


  • Childcare Centres;

  • Community and Daycare Services;

  • Early Childhood Associations;

  • Early Years Health and Hospital Services;

  • Early Childhood Education and Care Services (including casual education and care providers);

  • Home-based providers;

  • Independent Early Years Professionals;

  • Kindergartens;

  • Montessori's;

  • NGO's;

  • Nurseries;

  • Playcentres;

  • Pregnancy Services;

  • Te Kohanga Reo and many more.

For Learners who prefer to study in their own time, they can access the same learning via our - 


Safeguarding and Child Protection for Early Years eLearning course.

By the end of this class, learners will be able to:

  • Explain the difference between safeguarding and child protection.

  • Understand Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the impact these can have on a child's immediate and long-term development, health, and well-being.

  • Identify the different categories of abuse, as well as possible indicators of abuse in relation to our early years.

  • Recognise the different types of disclosures and know how to respond safely.

  • Apply best practice when reporting, referring and recording safeguarding and child protection concerns.

  • Understand how concerns may relate to a child's well-being and/or allegations against staff and the importance of staff promoting safe practice when working with children.

  • Demonstrate safeguarding as a shared workforce responsibility that promotes a safeguarding culture, safeguarding everyone -children, staff and the organisation.

Upcoming Classes

All classes are $40.00 Incl. GST per learner

22nd April 2023
10.00am - 12.30pm

25th May 2023
5.45pm - 8.15pm


13th June 2023
5.45pm - 8.15pm

17th June 2023
10.00am - 12.30pm

All Learners receive a Personal Certificate, and to help further evidence Professional Development, we make sure all our certificates quote the full 2.5hr study time, as well as the course aim and objectives.


If you would like to register a group of learners and prefer to pay via invoice, or if you would prefer to access this training as a bespoke in-house online class, please contact us, and we can assist you in taking forward either of these preferences.

Class Dates

How would you describe this class to others?

  “Highly Recommend”


“One of the best child protection courses that I have been to”


“Amazing. Interactive, so interesting and very relevant to our profession.”


“Insightful and interesting.”

“It is really lovely as it has all the helpful information.”


“Very well done, easy to listen to, time went by very quickly, good videos…good communication between participants.”

“Well worth the time, very informative and a very valuable tool and resources.”


“I wish that whole world could see this or something similar that relates to their country.”

“An informative course with real-life helpful skills and strategies to use.”

“Relevant and everyone should watch it".

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