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Child Safety Reviews

Organisations passionate about demonstrating child safety best practices, such as Dingwall Trust, United Nations Youth Aotearoa and all of New Zealand's YMCAs, have all valued our specialist Child Safety Review Service.

By analysing organisational structures, systems and ways of working next to the Australian Ten National Child Safe Organisations Principles our Child Safety Review can help identify an organisation's particular child safety needs in accordance with best practiceCustomers receive a tailored Child Safety Findings Report capturing all their specific child safety recommendations relating to each Principle.

As well as helping organisations identify their best practice needs, we can provide the support required to take findings forward. We can support organisations with all of their findings or any specific Principle area(s) where assistance would be welcomed. 


The following offers some examples of common support responses for each Principle. If you are interested in exploring a Child Safety Review, please contact us at +64 22 394 0691 or via for a no-obligation FREE Consultation.

Helping You Be A Child Safe Organisation

Leadership, Governance & Culture

  • Child Safety Reviews

  • Governance and Leadership Child Safety Roles and Responsibilities Training.

  • Support with developing or integrating child safety into Governance and Leadership resources, e.g. reports, strategic plans, etc.

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Family and Community Involvement

  • Designing or developing organisation child safety communication.

  • Tailoring child safety policies and information to specific stakeholders.

  • Develop stakeholder participation and evaluation structures.

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Human Resource Management

  • Integrating and applying Child Safety, Safer Recruitment.

  • Integrating child safety into roles and responsibilities.

  • Establishing child safety as accountable practice aligned with to staff management and disciplinary processes.

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Staff Education and Training

  • Developing child safety induction and training strategies, policies and programmes.

  • Delivering tailored online or onsite child safety training, including specialist training for specific staff or on particular topics.

  • Developing educational resources to guide staff and stakeholders through organisational child safety policies and procedures.

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Review and Continuous Improvement

  • Implementing child safety monitoring, evaluation and review practices, e.g. audits, policy reviews, etc.

  • Structuring child safety data analysis systems to support and inform continuous improvement.

  • Integrating participation strategies enable capturing the voice of staff, children and families, and others. stakeholders where applicable.

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Children are Safe, Informed and Actively Participate

  • Integrating Child Rights

  • Developing strategies to promote children/young people's empowerment and participation.

  • Specialist training on engaging children and young people in safeguarding.

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Inclusivity, Equity and Diversity

  • Support with developing policies and procedures. 

  • Assisting organisations to identify and respond to any increased child vulnerabilities applicable to their stakeholders, services or environments.

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Child Focused Complaint Processes

  • Creating accessible child-focused complaint handling policy, procedures and resources.

  • Support in ensuring complaint handling processes are understood by all stakeholders.

  • Structuring complaint responses to support responding to concerns about a child's wellbeing or allegations against staff.

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Physical and Online Environments

  • Creating child safety risk mitigation structures supporting all organisational on/offline environments.

  • Establishing culturally safe environments for staff and children/young people.

  • Support with applying child safety when engaging with third parties, e.g. contracted services.

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Child Safety Policies and Procedures

  • Establishing a Child Safety Policy Framework.

  • Ensuring all child safe policies and procedures meet all national child safe principles.

  • Develop or review policies and procedures, including specialist policies e.g. Historical Allegations Policy, Investigations Policy, etc.

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Consultation Service.

Outdoor Training NZ was very grateful to receive free advice from Holistic Safeguarding. Kim spent quite some time reviewing our policy and then giving comprehensive written and verbal feedback at no cost and no obligations. Other support and information were offered to help take this feedback forward, free options and those with a cost but no obligation or pressure.

Heather Grady, Board Chair 

Outdoor Training NZ

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