Safeguarding and Child Protection Development Services

Holistic Safeguarding development services are tailored to

your needs and advocate safeguarding and child protection best practice. 

 Policy Development

Safeguarding/Child Protection; Safeguarding Adults;

Whistleblowing; etc. 

Integration of 

safeguarding into  organisational

material/ resources

Toolkits, practice guides, etc.

 Procedure Development 

Safeguarding Code of Conduct; Allegations Against Staff;

Policy Breaches; etc

Safeguarding Induction structures and material.

Structures enabling youth participation and capturing the child's voice.

Safeguarding Training strategies.

Safeguarding Frameworks 

Safeguarding Committees, Designated Safeguarding Staff; 

Safeguarding Champions, etc.

Safeguarding Inclusivity 


Young staff needs, etc.

Incident Management

structures and resources.

Safeguarding integration or alignment to

organisational values.

Monitoring Frameworks 

Self-assessments and Audits,

Target audience feedback.

Establishing Safeguarding as a shared organisational responsibility.

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